Class Information

Why doesn’t the program provide food and beverages for meals and breaks during the training?

The Statewide Strangulation Training/ SST Program is grant funded through the Criminal Justice Department of the Texas Governor’s Office from The Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) in Washington D.C., which sets the guidelines for grant participants. One of the conditions of the grant guidelines is funds must not be used for food and beverage items. In some cases, an agency or organization may donate food and beverage items to the program at no cost but it’s not always the case. Therefore, when food and beverage items are donated at no cost to the program it is at the discretion of the donor and the program has no control on what items are provided.

What is the dress code for attending the training(s)?

In order to maintain a professional decorum for students, instructor, and staff the dress code for any training event is business casual- dark denim jeans/slacks, collared shirts, polo style shirts or buttoned down shirts, and closed-toe shoes for both men and women.

T-SHIRTS, FLIP-FLOPS/SANDALS, and TORN or RIPPED JEANS are not considered business casual

I have registered for a training why do I have to wait for a confirmation?

Each training is limited in size and to be fair we must be able to accommodate a set number of students from the hosting agency before confirming registrants from other agencies.

How many students from an agency can attend a training?

If an agency is hosting a training they will receive a set number of seats for their agency to attend the training. All other open seats will be limited to one or two attendees from surrounding agencies. In the event the training has reached its full capacity the program will have a stand-by list for cancellations for any open seats and hotel reimbursement stipends (if available).

I have been selected to attend the training but I may have to cancel. Can I send someone from my agency in my place?

Yes. Anytime a student must cancel their attendance to a training event they can send another representative from their agency. The only requirement is a student must contact the Program Services Specialist with directions and information for and about the replacement.

I have been selected to attend a training but must testify in court on Monday afternoon and must leave early. Will I still get credit?

The Statewide Strangulation Training/ SST Program understands the civil commitments of its studnets. The rules and conditions of the Statewide Strangulation Training/ SST Program to attend training is a student cannot miss a portion of a training to receive credit.  Therefore, if a student must miss the training for any reason it would be in the best interest of the training that the student vacate their seat to someone on the waiting list or someone in their agency. Vacating a seat to a training event will not exclude a student from future trainings.